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“It’s a Long Way to the Top if You Want to Rock and Roll”

When it comes to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, ACDC said it best. It takes 25 years after the release of an artist’s first debut album for them to become eligible to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And that’s a long, long wait. If I had started a band when I was first born, which is a stupid analogy but just go with it, I’d still have to wait five years to be just eligible. And the wait alone isn’t guaranteed to get you in. You have to demonstrate some contribution to the “development and perception of rock n’ roll.”

This year, Nirvana joins a list of artists who were immediately inducted in their first year of eligibility. The list includes Led Zeppelin, Neil Young and Elton John.

A lot of artists will be eligible for induction within the next five years.

The Notorious B.I.G. will be eligible in 2019; his debut album Ready to Die came out in 1994.

Outkast will also be eligible in 2019. Their debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (yeah, I dunno) came out in 1994. They’ve won six Grammys so far.

Weezer will ALSO be eligible in 2019. Their debut album Weezer came out in 1994, along with seemingly all the other debut albums in the world, ever known to man.

Dave Matthews Band will be eligible in 2018. The group’s first album Remember Two Things came out in 1993.

Dr. Dre will be eligible in 2017; The Chronic came out in ’92.

Rage Against the Machine will be eligible in 2017. This makes me extremely excited because I loved their debut self-titled album, even though it came out in ’92, before I was even born.

2Pac will be eligible for induction in 2016. His debut album, 2Pacalypse Now, hit the shelves in ’92.

Blur will also be eligible in 2016. Their debut album Leisure came out in late 1991.

PEARL JAM WILL BE ELIGIBLE IN 2016 and if they aren’t immediately inducted, I don’t know what I’ll do. Ten came out in ’91.

Smashing Pumpkins will be eligible in 2016. Gish came out in ’91.

Hole will also be eligible in 2016. Pretty on the Inside came out in 1991. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain could be reunited.

Green Day will be eligible next year. 36/Smooth came out in 1990.

Oasis’ Definitely Maybe came out in ’94, making them eligible for induction in 2019.

Beck will be eligible in 2018, 25 years after the release of Golden Feelings in 1993.

Radiohead will be eligible in 2018, 25 years after the release of Pablo Honey in 1993.

Just to quench your thirst for knowledge, here’s a list of all the Rock and Roll inductees so far since 1986.

What do you think? Will any of these artists get inducted immediately or at all?


All Images Courtesy of Google Images.