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Pono — Where Your Soul Rediscovers Music

“PonoMusic takes all the musical goodness of artist-approved studio master recordings and puts it at your fingertips. Nothing has changed, but everything is gained, with resolutions from 6 times that of an mp3 to more than 30 times that of an mp3, depending on just how great the recording quality was on that original “high resolution” master.”

That quote was pulled from the official website for Pono — Neil Young’s new music player. In case you missed it, Neil Young is now raising funds for a new music download service that focuses on “high quality” recorded audio. It’s supposed to launch this October.

Neil Young started with all this Pono stuff almost three years ago, but the topic didn’t get much awareness until his appearance on The David Letterman Show, where he showed off a prototype of the player and explained what he was trying to do. In a nutshell, Neil Young aims to turn digital music around by getting music lovers and listeners closer to the quality of music as it was created by the artist. He points out that even the CD is a dumbed-down version of the original master recordings, devoid of its dynamics and detail, never mind an MP3, which can have as little as 5 percent of the original information.

The “PonoPlayer” will cost about #399 with 64GB of internal storage. It also comes with an additional removable 64GB micro SD card. The Pono press release stated that the PonoPlayer can store 100-500 high-resolution digital-music albums. The PonoMusic online store will sell earphones and headphones suitable for the portable music player.

Trent Reznor said, “Anything that elevates music back to where it should be is inherently cool. I have great admiration for Neil Young as an artist. But as a device I can’t pretend it doesn’t look a bit like a Toblerone.” And he has a point.


I don’t know, it’s not too bad. I guess I could get used to it. What do you guys think? Are you interested in getting one in October? Will there be a drastic difference in sound quality and overall listening experience or will it simply be a waste of money? It’s a cool concept either way.


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