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Metallica By Request

Guys, yesterday was Cliff Burton’s birthday.

And I miss him. And I’m sad. So I’m going to do a Metallica post. I’m a bit late on this topic, but I’m curious as to what your guys’ opinion on this is.

In November of last year, Metallica announced that, having finished making their movie Through The Never, they needed a break from the studio and were going to head out on a summer road trip to Europe to play some shows. But wait, there’s a twist.

Metallica, by request?! 

This summer, Metallica fans will be able to pick the setlist.  Once people buy their tickets, they receive an email with a code and a link to a website where they can vote for which songs they want to hear live.

It’s a pretty cool concept, but I have some problems with it. I don’t want to sound hipster and self-righteous, but there are a lot of Metallica songs that I adore that a lot of people don’t, or don’t know about. Usually at a show, a band will throw in one or two of those kind of unknown or underplayed songs, and it’ll be an awesome, unexpected treat for me. But if thousands and thousands of people are voting for the setlist, chances are those fantastic, under appreciated songs will get no credit.

This is a link for the voting results for one of the upcoming shows this summer in England.


Metallica says they usually play around 18 songs per show. They’ve reserved one new song that they’ve picked, so that means there are 17 slots for the voters to choose. Looking at that list, sure, the top 17 songs are glorious, but what about the others? “Wherever I May Roam”, “…And Justice for All”, “Harvester of Sorrow”, “Frantic”, “Where the Wild Things Are”, all of these personal favourites didn’t get many votes at all. And “Am I Evil?”, arguably one of the greatest songs of all time ever, only got 14% of the votes. I’d feel kind of ripped off not hearing a lot of the songs that didn’t make the cut.

That being said, I still think it’s a really cool and unique idea, and a great way to get the audience involved. What do you guys think of the whole By Request thing? What if your favourite bands did it?


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