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SONiC’s 9th Birthday Party with USS

So last night I had the extreme pleasure of attending the 9th birthday party of my favourite radio station, SONiC 102.9. My boyfriend miraculously won tickets and it was easily one of the funnest shows I’ve ever been to, and it wasn’t even because it was free.

The show was at Union Hall, which I’ve never been to. We got there at around 10pm. It was relatively easy to find, and when we reached the end of the lineup to get in, we were met with enthusiastic high fives from the SONiC Intern Army. That completely set the tone for the rest of the night, seeing as how everyone there was just as excited and happy to be there as I was. We quickly grabbed a beer and walked around the place before heading to the stage to watch SONiC’s own Ryan G’s band, Pale Blue Dot.

(Let me just interrupt myself to say that holy hell, Union Hall is fantastic. There are two floors and it’s set up in a way so that no matter where you are, you have a fantastic view of the stage. We showed up an hour late and this is where we were for Pale Blue Dot, while chatting with Rick Lee beforehand.)


They were actually really great. They’ve got a fantastic Blink 182 thing going on and I recommend checking them out. When they were done their set, we grabbed more beers and had a blast watching Mitchmatic do his thing. I had no idea that it was just him, his computer and his saxophone. I saw a few people who were easily in their 60s gettin’ their groove on and it was a phenomenal sight.


When USS finally came on around midnight, I thought Union Hall was going to break. The energy in that place was absolutely unreal. People went crazy and an hour-long friendly dance/moshpit hybrid broke out and didn’t stop. Every song they played was met with thunderous applause and cheering. After hearing Anti-Venom, Laces Out, and Yin Yang live, I’m surprised I had a voice this morning. They played their cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya!, Oasis’ Wonderwall, and ended everything with Hakuna Matata, which, I mean, come on. What better way to end a night of rockin’ out with hundreds of the friendliest people I’ve ever met?

The sound was perfect, the energy was insane to say the least, and USS sure do know how to put on an entertaining show. The moments where they let the crowd sing were overwhelmingly loud and clear. And I almost touched Human Kebab at least three times while he was crowd surfing. No big deal. But, yeah. That almost happened. And to top it all off, I got to hang out with Layne Mitchell for a bit before leaving.


It was one of the funnest, most energetic, friendliest shows I’ve ever been to. Ever. There was never a moment where I wasn’t smiling or laughing or clapping or dancing or cheering, and everyone around was like that. The atmosphere was just indescribable. USS said they’d be coming back in the summer, and I highly highly suggest going to see them live. You won’t regret it.


Happy 9th birthday, SONiC! Keep on rockin’.