GWAR’s Dave Brockie

So back in 2012, I had the extreme pleasure of seeing GWAR live at the Edmonton Events Centre. I had listened to them before, I knew what they were all about, I knew that they dressed up and sprayed blood on people and put on a hell of a show. But nothing prepared me for what I experienced that night.

It was the weirdest, most messed up, most hilarious, most entertaining show I have ever been to, by far. The props alone were ridiculous. And their costumes — oh my god. For those of you who don’t know what they look like on stage:

Gwar In Concert - Los Angeles, CA

They’re basically borderline satanic orcs whose slogan is: “We’re GWAR and we’re going to kick the shit out of you.” The people I went to the show with made me buy a plain white shirt, which they assured me will be forever known as my “GWAR shirt”, and thank god I listened. That shirt is now basically 100% red.  I had to throw out my contacts when I got home because they were tinted red too. I had red teeth, red arms, red hair. They know how to put on a hell of a show. But sadly, on March 23rd, GWAR’s frontman Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus, died. The cause of his death is still being determined, but what is sure is that the metal genre lost a legend. I don’t know if GWAR is going to continue without him. It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t; they had been together since the very beginning of GWAR in ’84. I remember I actually saw Dave Brockie at the show without his mask or costume on. He was rocking out to Cancer Bats, one of the opening bands (and one of my personal favourites). I just thought it was so cool that he was able to enjoy the music without barely anyone recognizing him before he goes on stage and rocks everyone’s brains out. It was cool that he had created a sort of alter-ego for himself.

Rolling Stone Magazine released an article with previously unseen, rare photos of the GWAR frontman. Go take a look, it’s a really cool album. This one’s my personal favourite:


Him and his mask before a show.

RIP, Oderus Urungus. Thanks for the coolest friggin’ show I’ve ever been to.



All Images Courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine


2 thoughts on “GWAR’s Dave Brockie”

  1. Great post Alyssa! I saw GWAR and DevilDriver last year for my boyfriend’s birthday, they put on a pretty crazy show!
    One person we talked to said he only went to get covered in the fake blood, which I thought was a bit strange haha

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