The Pack A.D. is comin’ to town


If you missed these girls at Fall Fest 2012, boy do I have news for you!

They’re stopping by Edmonton’s own Starlite Room on February 28th on their tour to promote their new album, Do Not Engage.

If you haven’t heard of them, the Vancouver-based band has been around since 2006, and consist of singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller. They’ve been compared to The Black Keys, The Kills, and The White Stripes for good reason; they’ve got a very garage-rock-punk-bluesy thing goin’ on.

The Starlite Room, if you haven’t been before, is really small and intimate. I’ve only been there once when my boyfriend played his last show with his band, and I loved it. You can easily get right up to the stage, the atmosphere is amazing, the layout is fantastic, and there’s beer. So, there’s that. The only downside is that you have to buy a membership to get in, but it’s only $5 and once you buy it, you’re good to go for the rest of ever when it comes to this venue.

If you’re looking for something to do February 28th, come hang out with me at The Starlite Room downtown. Tickets are only $18-something after taxes, and The Pack A.D. are known for putting on a great show, as those of you who were at Fall Fest 2012 already know.

Here are their most well-known songs if you’re having trouble remembering who they are.

Come hang out, drink beer, listen to great music and have a grand ol’ time!


All Images Courtesy of Google Images.


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