Hello, world!

Thanks for visiting my sweet page. I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so bear with me.

This blog is the result of an assignment I was given in my Online Communication course in university. It’s a “self-branding” assignment in the sense that I’m supposed to brand myself as something — something interesting and useful, at that — but I was having trouble with that concept.

I wandered through different programs at MacEwan University before I found myself in the Bachelor of Communications Program, majoring in professional communications. I didn’t even know it existed until I talked to a career advisor at school. She asked what my talents were, and I couldn’t come up with anything other than writing. I’ve been writing stories since I knew how, and was first published in grade seven. I feel confident that I ended up in the right program, and I guess I can brand myself as a writer/communicator.

But then I had to think of what my blog was going to be about. I had to narrow it down to an interest of mine, and music was a dead given. I mean, I’m interested in other things: books, mainly Harry Potter and Stephen King novels, and movies, like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Dark Knight trilogy, Fight Club, the list goes on. But there’s no way I could dedicate a whole blog to the incredible bromance that Sam and Frodo share, or even Ron and Harry. Music, on the other hand, is something I could go on about for ages.

Which brings me here. There are videos of me jamming out to Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way” before I could even walk. Boston’s self-titled album was the first album I actually went out and bought in grade five, and I remember the guitar riffs being so incredible to me that they brought me to tears. I’ve spent more money on concert tickets than I care to admit, and I’m always looking for opportunities to go to more shows. Music influences me like nothing else. I get lost in it — the drums, the guitar, the lyrics — and, with the exception of a good novel, I can’t say that anything else does that for me.

So, naturally, my blog is going to be about all things music. Bands, concerts, albums, singles, local talent. Everything from classic rock to metal, desert rock to alternative. I guess I’m branding myself as a super cool writer/communicator who’s hugely influenced by music. But we’ll see how that goes.


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